JDB - Biography




I come from a musical family and was introduced to singing at a very young age. I started to write my own little one to two minute songs when I was only five years old and I gave away CD’s to my friends at school, some of which still comment on how funny the songs were. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had access to some old school recording equipment as a way to express myself creatively. Throughout high school the one class I really enjoyed was vocals class. The history/theory part of the course was the part that interested me. It was around that time when I started making symphonic/classical music and I also tried to implement my newfound knowledge into the production of my rock and roll music.

Growing up with high functioning autism, (Aspergers) has afforded me a different perspective musically. I have an uncanny ability to consume, comprehend and compose music at an extremely fast rate. With that said however, I can still see, feel and hear the beauty of simplicity and try to incorporate these raw emotions into my music. When an awful letter was written about my younger brother Maxwell, who suffers from severe autism, stated that he should be euthanized, I used these raw emotions as fuel for my art and started to write more songs about personal issues and struggles, rather than just relationships. 

Now, I am striving to have my presence felt. I have utilized social media to help get my songs out there and am very proud to be the #1  Alternative Artist on Reverbnation. I have multiple shout outs from many Music Bloggers across the Globe, especially from Canada’s foremost music journalist, Alan Cross. I have also completed music for a few video games, one of which “One Way” has won the best new game category in the independent gaming awards. I have also been selected as a “House Composer” for the film students at Humber College in Toronto. I can’t wait to begin scoring music for the films that will be produced at Humber College next semester. 

In the past few years I have been trying to promote my original Alternative Rock music to town square type of environments. At first, it went extremely well as I amassed a lot of likes on facebook, but now find it extremely difficult to get noticed, but I will persist.